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Houcem Eddine Bellakoud aka MR Bellakoud begun his musical career as a DJ in 2013.


Born & raised in the beautiful country of Tunisia, MR Bellakoud is musical heavily influenced by his arabic roots. As a teenager, he defined himself as a « Free Soul ». He found himself curious about the world, all the different cultures and the language that unite people: Music! Freedom was something he wanted to embody for real.


As a free spirit, his desire to explore the world brought him to different places where he connected to different cultures, people & music styles. This very much shaped him into the artist he is today.

In 2013, MR Bellakoud moved to Rotterdam, the place he now calls home. It is here where his career excelerated. The turning point came when he played at the biggest festival in Rotterdam: Crazy Sexy Cool.


Ever since MR Bellakoud featured on several european stages and is still expanding his reach as an artist through out Europe.


The next phase in his musical development will be the release of his own musical productions.