Rotterdam born and raised Melvin Cotino, also known as Mr. Cotino, is a technical superior, one of the most talented, multi-skilled and versatile DJ’s of Rotterdam and probably of the Netherlands. Despite his extensive experience as a DJ (since 2008) he is still a hidden gem in the club scene. This is probably caused by his humble character. Mr. Cotino is a no nonsens, hard working gentleman who carefully chooses his words. Don’t be mistaken by the lack of exposure: Mr. Cotino has performed on the biggest stages in the Netherlands and even abroad; just to name a few:


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  • Big events and festivals like Mysterious and Vestival
  • The biggest and renowned Clubs in Rotterdam like Club Vie, Club BED (now Nora), Viproom, Maassilo, Factory 010, BIRD, etc.
  • Resident of well known Rotterdam concepts like The Couch, Brabander Nights, etc.


One thing is certain: after experiencing a DJ Set by Mr. Cotino you will be left craving for more! Mr. Cotino is a true craftsman and a profesional. He is a true music lover which can be heard and tangibly felt during his thoughtful set build ups. Since his early youth (8 years) Mr. Cotino started collecting (new) music from all genres. Mr. Cotino always has the urge to find new music and styles which he then embeds in his DJ sets by his own created edits and mixes. He masters diverse styles:


  • Hiphop,
  • R&B,
  • Future Beats,
  • House,
  • Trap,
  • UK Sounds


But he is also a solid DJ in a lot of other styles. This makes him a true allround DJ.

Mr Cotino is ready to take his DJ career to he next level. Expect not only new edits but also new productions in the months and years to come.




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