Rawy Figaroa (RAWY) i s a 21 year old student who started in the music industry at a very young age on the small island of Aruba where he was born and raised.
Currently, Rawy is living and studying in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Rawy landed his first bookings by performing at friends house parties. His talent and skills have helped him to develop a reputation for creating unforgettable moments.


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He was only 14 years old when he begun his own drive in show company “Miniteca Youthstar” that tours all around different kind of parties in Aruba. Rawy joined in 2011 a youtube comedy show called “Boogie Man” he was the actor/prankster of the show and also the creative director of couple of shows. That’s how he start focusing on music and video/visuals back in the days. In 2013 Rawy came to The Netherlands to continue his studies at the “Theaterschool Rotterdam” as an sound and lighting technician, he works in the creative and technical side of the theater scene. He also run his internship at “Lantaren venster” as an sound technician, Lantaren venster is a concert venue specializes in international jazz and soul artist, so Rawy’s knowledge for different kind of music got bigger.


In 2015 he joined “X movement” as a Dj/Producer and creative director, x movement is a modern art, music and visuals platform that also promote young artist such as Rawy. He ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influences such as Hip hop/ Trap/ Eclectic. Nowadays R awy divides his day by being a full time student during the day and at night he works on his music, creative directing his own concepts with music and visuals or performs for his audience by dj­ing in several clubs in The Netherlands. Rawy has also won several dj contests here in The Netherlands, the biggest is where he got the opportunity to do an opening set in Belgium for big artists such as Vato Gonzalez.


Currently Rawy is working on a couple of new projects. He is busy with his new concept “Different world” that consists of an EP and music videos directed by himself.




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